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Like a Fluffy Cloud. But Green.

The Grazing Field

An Apple-Green Lamb
23 December
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Shy, fandom-crazy, naïve, wannabe witty, lazy perfectionist. Not a good combination.

Not a silly teenage girl. Really! You can tell by the way I occasionally admit to (vaguely) remembering the late Eighties. And only by that, I'm afraid.

Friending: I read, I liked, I friended. Old Aunt Julia would be proud. Feel free to follow in our footsteps, as far as this journal is concerned. And if you wish to go back across the Rubicon and defriend me, feel free, as well.

Am currently especially fannish about Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who, Starsky & Hutch, NCIS. Though for some reason this journal is almost exclusively 'Lantis-centric. I should fix that.

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